Why did I invest on an e-reader?

I’ve been accumulating a lot of physical books for the past years and it’s been harder and harder to think where to put them all. Buying another bookshelf is not on my agenda since my room is small and I think buying another one will just make me want to buy books more. lol. 

When my mom went home last October 2016 and she saw my overflowing bookshelf she looked me in the eye and told me, “Ang dami na nito, Kate. Magbawas ka na.” which roughly translates to, “This is too much, Kate. Un-haul some of it already.” And when I looked at it, she’s kinda right (well, she’s mom right? haha). I’ve been buying a lot of physical books and sometimes the books that I buy are not really spiking my interest anymore.

So last December, while my mom and I were talking inside our bedroom she was telling me how she loved her Kindle. She has had it for a while and she said it was really convenient because she could read even though it was already lights-out. And, it really made me think. I read ebooks and I think they are really convenient especially if you don’t want to bring a physical copy. I’ve been reading them on iBooks but I tend to get distracted a lot because while reading I also check my social media accounts.

Since my mom has been persuading me to get an e-reader already, I finally gave in. We bought a Kindle Paperwhite while we are strolling at CCS and it changed my life. I’ve been reading a lot faster than before and it was so easy to get the books that I want. Thank goodness for Amazon’s one-click.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love physical books and nothing would replace a book that you can hold in your hands. But when that book is unavailable in your country and you need to wait for how many months. You really do resort to ebooks.

Just last month I need a book for my thesis and it’s only available on Amazon. The book itself was expensive and of course shipping to the Philippines is also quite expensive. When I saw that it could be bought as an ebook I bought it immediately and it was delivered immediately in my Kindle.

So I think that is just the little perks that you get when you invest on an e-reader. Yes, e-readers may be pricey. But, they do make a difference in life. It made a difference in mine. I still buy physical books but not as much as before. It saved me money and shelf space. And what’s also good in buying ebooks is when you realize that it’s not your cup of tea you could ask for a refund on Amazon provided that you have not exceeded 7 days after the purchase.

I’m really happy that I invested on one. Mom is really right about how convenient it is.

How about you guys? Do you also have a Kindle/Kobo/Nook? How did it change your reading experience? Comment them down below.

Thank you for reading up until here! Till next time!



3 thoughts on “Why did I invest on an e-reader?

  1. I have a Kindle 8th Gen and loved it. I always have an eye strain reading ebooks on my phone but when I have an ereader I don’t suffer anymore. However, the only cons of my ereader is it doesn’t have a backlight so it’s like reading a book too.


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