Hello everyone! I can’t believe I’m making this earlier than my usual! We are improving, people! lol Anyway, I didn’t really do much this month since I was sick until the third week. But, that didn’t stop me from reading a few books. So, let’s get into my wrap-up!

Here are some of the books that I got and where I got them. I’m trying a new style in doing my wrap ups this year. I want to exert more effort since I only do this once a month so why not allot maybe an hour to do some photoshopping. So this was the result!

I got a total of eight books this month. The ones from BookOutlet and Owlcrate where purchased on 2016 but I just got them this January. I can’t wait to get into these books this year. I have already started reading a few chapters of Single, Carefree, Mellow and it was really entertaining can’t wait to read more to it.

I have already read Levithan & Cohn’s works and I did enjoy them so when I saw someone selling it for a very cheap price, I decided to get it.

I tried reading a bit more this month but since I got sick I was just able to read three novels. But, I did enjoy all of them and it was nice getting back into these genres. It was kind of refreshing and it made me realized how much I enjoyed them.


You can find the reviews of these three books here. 

And that’s about it! I hope that February will be a good reading month for all of us. How was your January? Was it a good month for you?

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “JANUARY 2017 WRAP UP

  1. Uhhh Nick & Norah’s Infinity Playlist ist definitely also on my TBR! And may I just say you displayed your awesome new books in such a lovely way!! *.*

    Sadly, I haven’t read any of those three books you did. Hope you enjoyed them.

    Wish you a happy February! 🙂

    Yasmine @ Swissbookworm
    My January Wrap Up


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