BOOK REVIEW: The Call by Peadar Ó Guilín

the2bcallISBN13: 9781338048063
Publisher: Scholastic Inc
Publication date: August 30, 2016
Format: E-book
Pages: 320 pages


Thousands of years ago, humans banished the Sidhe fairy race to another dimension. The beautiful, terrible Sidhe have stewed in a land of horrors ever since, plotting their revenge . . . and now their day has come.

Fourteen-year-old Nessa lives in a world where every teen will be “Called.” It could come in the middle of the day, it could come deep in the night. But one instant she will be here, and the next she will wake up naked and alone in the Sidhe land. She will be spotted, hunted down, and brutally murdered. And she will be sent back in pieces by the Sidhe to the human world . . . unless she joins the rare few who survive for twenty-four hours and escape unscathed.


“I’m going to live. And nobody’s going to stop me.”

You have three minutes to save your life.

I first saw this book being reviewed by Jessethreader on Youtube and since he said that it was a horror book with very vivid scenes I decided to pick it up since I do enjoy the YA horror genre. Plus, the quote in front of the book also piqued my interest so I decided to read it even though I have hundreds of readings to do.

The plot was very promising since I did like world building. The author introduced Ireland in a different way. Here in The Call, Ireland is separated from the world. No one can go in or out of it plus it has two sides. The Multi-colored land which is where the people are and the Grey lands which is were the Sidhe are. So every adolescent in the continent would be sent over to different training schools so that veterans would be able to train and help them survive the Call.

The world building was okay but I wished there more explanations towards Ireland. There was one  explanation why Ireland is divided into two but that is it. I wondered throughout the book what are the different things that lead into that particular agreement.

For the writing, it was okay although it was confusing at first. Even though Nessa’s POV was the main POV it was kind of confusing since there are a lot of characters involve. And, if you want to read about this character you need to wait for them to appear again. And sometimes when they appear again it’s the time of their Call so it’s either they stay alive in that chapter or they don’t.

The characters on the other hand were interesting especially the Sidhe. I love how the book introduced different characters and somehow gave those characters a lot of exposure. Our main character, Nessa, is a strong woman and even though every one underestimates her, she still proved how strong she is. I also love the supporting characters especially Anto and Megan. I was always waiting for them to appear in the next chapters.

I did enjoy reading this book but I think it didn’t scare me as much as I want to. It made me kind of squeem-ish since the death scenes are really explained vividly but aside from that it feels just like a normal book. I didn’t expect the twist in the last parts and that was good. However, I wish the book didn’t end so quickly.

Overall, the book was okay. It didn’t scare me in a way that I want it to be. But, it was an interesting read. I didn’t regret picking this book up. It was fast-paced and even though you are not much of a horror/thriller fan, you would still like it.

Thank you for reading up to here!

xo, Cath


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