Hi guys! I’ve been so busy with my thesis that I didn’t have time to blog anymore! But, since today is my so called rest day, I can finally catch up on some of my readings and blog posts!

So last Friday, Josh and I went to the Manila International Book Fair. It was my second time to go and Josh’s first one. We decided to go on a Friday because he is not a fan of big crowds and he tends to get dizzy if we are surrounded by a lot of people. Friday also worked for me because there was a book signing that I wanted to attend and having him there with me in my first ever book signing was really sweet.

Anyway, let’s go into the books that I’ve bought that Friday! 

I leaned in to local authors this year because I wanted to read something beyond my comfort zone. Filipino books tend to overwhelm me because of the deep words they tend to use. But, hopefully I’ll be able to finish all of these books this year!

From the Adarna Booth:

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12:01 is a comic book about the curfew in the Martial Law Era. The Detective Boys of Masangkay is like a Detective Conan-ish adventure type of book. Mga Tala sa Dagat is a story about a family whose fate is tied to the sea.

These books range from 100-180php each. 

From the #RomanceClassBooth! These are books by our Indie authors. You should also try reading their works!

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I’ve been wanting to read Cities by Carla de Guzman because it’s about multi-universe. So when I saw that it being sold at the #romanceclass booth, I had to get it. Iris After the Incident is by my favorite local author so of course an auto-buy!

Iris After The Incident – 275php ; Cities – 300php

From National Book Store! These are the books that I’m most excited about! I’m such a fan of Mina Esguerra’s works so I knew I had to get her new books. Also, she was doing a signing that day. Of course, I wouldn’t pass up the chance to meet her.

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I forgot to grab Tempting Victoria to complete this set. But, it’s okay! I’ll just get it once it is already available in our local book store.

Playing Autumn and Learning to Fall are for 195php each.

From the PSICOM booth! I just really want to get Extraterrestrial Pichi-pichi because the illustration was so cute! And of course, anything cute is an automatic buy for me. I don’t even know why. Haha! Then, I got to see The Practicing Misis book. I really wanted to read this  because my friend Eunice said that she loved it and it was a fun book to read.

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Extra Terrestrial Pichi-Pichi and The Practicing Misis – 100php each. (Orig. price 150php)


I went to my first ever book signing! It was a lot of fun and I really didn’t mind the waiting since the crowd is not that big. I was so happy to meet Mina Esguerra!

She was so sweet and pretty! I literally fangirl-ed! Can’t wait for another signing!

Our first MIBF together!



I got to meet one of my newest internet friends Therese at Mcdonald’s Taft! Since she was not going to MIBF we just met at Taft so that we could give each other our gifts.

She gave me this cute Alice in Wonderland notebook and pad to add to my collection! Thank you so much, Therese! xo

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While I was at Taft, I visited also a small book kiosk to find some second hand books. And, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the fourth Mediator Series book in the format that I want. Of course, I bought it in a whim and now my Mediator series is complete!

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I also went to MIBF the next day because I’m meeting my bookish friends! It’s a good thing that I’ve already finished my book shopping because the crowd was so intense! It was so hard to move around. And the lines at the cashier were so long it was a good thing that I was with Ate Eunice. We were just laughing and talking while waiting for Ate Jenny and Elena to arrive.


Our “pagod na kami bes” photo. We needed to stay near a door so that Ate Jen could find us easily. Haha!

Since Ate Jen couldn’t find the books that she wanted from the Fullybooked booth at SMX we told her that we’ll just accompany her at the Fullybooked branch at S Maison so that she could still buy the books that she wanted. We also waited for Elena there and once we were complete all hell broke loose!


Thank you for the laugh girls! It was so fun to be with you again! I hope next year we will be mostly complete!

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Thank you for reading this lengthy post! How about you guys? Did you also attend the Manila International Book Fair? What did you guys get?


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