I’ve been meaning to read this series a long time ago since it’s also by Rick Riordan. And of course, if you have read Uncle Rick’s books, I’m sure you know he writes about mythologies. I loved the PJO series and since I don’t have the time to read the Heroes of Olympus series yet – I want to start with the Kane Chronicles.

The Kane Chronicles are based on Egyptian Mythology which I also want to know more about. This is what I like about Uncle Rick’s novels – it teaches you in a fun and unique way. And since my mom and I have been wanting to visit the great pyramids anytime soon why not read ahead, right?

I’ve been seeing the whole series in our local book store but I was such a cheapskate. I always tell myself that it might be available in Booksale (a second hand book store) anytime soon. And last March 2016, it did happen! I bought the whole series at Booksale! And to top it all off, the third book was a collector’s edition!




This is what I love about Booksale – you’ll really find hidden gems if you just wait patiently. lol.

How about you guys? What hidden gems did you find at Booksale?



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