Hi everybody! A few months ago I was asked by some people to share an updated photo of my bookshelf. I tried taking a photo of my whole shelves but when I export it through Instagram it gets cut off for some reason. So, instead of taking a photo of my whole shelf I’ll just break it down into sections. For this post, I’ll be showing my most collected books. 

These collections of mine started I think two years ago when I started bookstagramming.  I got influenced by a lot of people into reading more genres. And as a result, my collections grew. The only collection I had before was my Alice in Wonderland books which I’m still collecting up until now. But here are my other prized possessions!

First up is my leather-bound collection!IMG_2428

This is probably one of my guilty pleasures. I love B&N’s leather-bound collections! Whenever I get the chance to buy there I’ll definitely buy one of these. They are a bit pricey but if they would look this good on my shelf, then I’ll definitely save more for them. My friends and I wanted to collect the Children’s leather-bound collection this year. And, I really do hope we’ll get to complete them.

Next up is my Austen + Bronte collection!


I’ve been eyeing this edition of Jane Austen’s work ever since I saw it on Instagram. I tried to save for it since it was quite pricey before but I always fail because I end up buying other things. But! Last Christmas, when I was just browsing at Amazon I saw that this edition was on sale! I showed it to my mom and she was so kind enough to buy it for me! And now, here they are sitting pretty on my shelf! This Austen edition is so heavy so it’s quite a handful when you read these books. I resorted in to buying other editions so that I can still read them even though I’m travelling. I recently got in to the vintage classics edition and they are very budget friendly and they have beautiful covers! And as you can see, I have 4 copies of Pride & Prejudice because why not? Right? Right.

I also have an Agatha Christie Collection!


I love crime and mystery novels! So when I got introduce to one of Agatha Christie’s work, I knew that I need more of her books. And now here they are! It’s hard to collect these books because they tend to be expensive even though they are on a second hand-bookstore already. I’m always on the search for the cheapest AC books that I could find because her books are somewhat hard to find already and there are tons of titles! When I get the chance to buy something of her at around 20-50php that would really be a miracle.

And last but not the least, my Roald Dahl and Alice in Wonderland Collection!


They share a shelf with some other books because I’m running out of space already. *hides* Most of my Roald Dahl collection came from Booksale and friends. And the Alice in Wonderland books are also from different sources. Some were given to me as a present and some of them are store bought. I’m planning to have an Alice in Wonderland shelf soon but for now, they would just snuggle up in this shelf.

So that concludes my different collections shelf tour! Do you also have books that you collect? Please share them also to me! I have a few more to show but I’ll show that next week! Until then, have a nice day and I hope you won’t run out of books to read!

xo, Cath



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