As you can tell I’m on a book slump this month. I think I got into a slump because I read a lot of books last March. And then, the last book that I have read was Jane Eyre which was a bit of a heavy read, so after I finished it, my mental energy was drained.

I started The Mysterious Mr. Quinn last week but I couldn’t get pass the first few pages because I get distracted with a lot of stuff. So, I decided to put it down for a while. Then, I downloaded an audiobook of The Six of Crows so that I can finally listen and read it but then I just can’t get to it. I tried reading Confessions of an Oxygen Thief, it was so weird and I felt lost while I was reading it. So, I stopped reading that also. Then, I tried a Kim Holden’s So Much More. It’s interesting enough so I’m reading a few chapters every day.

I hate book slumps. I dread it whenever I get one because I really do want to finish a book every time I read one. But, of course, the universe is not on my side this month. So what shall I do? I need my go-to books whenever I have this slump!

My go-to books are:

  • Regency Romance
  • New Adult
  • Horror

Thank the stars because I purchased a Regency Romance novel yesterday. I love this type of genre because it sets a different kind of atmosphere and then the plot is always fun to read. Plus, it’s just around 200 pages! A perfect read when you’re are on a slump.

Regency Romance that I’m reading now:

61StuSehYSL._SL256_This is a story about a girl who helps his Father in different schemes across their travels in Europe. Then one day, she poses as the Marchesa di Carabas in England and then things happened all of a sudden then she’s put to a test in whether she’ll reveal her true self or not. I started this earlier today and so far I am loving it already. Hopefully, this will get me out of my slump.

For New Adult, as I’ve said earlier, I started reading So Much More by Kim Holden. I’m also a few pages in but I think I’ll read one book at a time so that  I  don’t get overwhelm with my reading pile.

Then lastly for horror, I’ll be reading The Suffering by Rin Chupeco. This follows her first book which is The Girl From The Well which I thoroughly enjoyed reading last year. And, I’ve been wanting to read this but I didn’t have the time so I’m hoping I’ll get to start this very soon.

So yeah, book slumps? I think the only way to defeat it is to read something that you are familiar with. Like a book that you really do enjoy and you wouldn’t mind reading it again and again. So if you are in a book slump, well high-five! Kidding! I hope you’ll get pass through it also. Just find the right book that will really catch your attention then get back on that book that you’ve been reading when you had the slump.

I hope this becomes helpful to you! And as always, I hope you’ll have a good day and you won’t run out of books to read.

xo, Cath


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