Hey guys! Did you ever had a hard time finishing a book? You know where you want to finish this book badly because you spent your money on it but it’s not working with you anymore? Well, you are not alone! I have my fair share on books that I didn’t finish. And to be honest, I have a growing pile of them! And, I’m going to share them with you.

Here is my unfinished book pile!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I also included my e-reader because I also have books that I didn’t finish there. *hides*

For me, as much as possible I always try to finish a certain book because I spend a lot of money just to acquire them. If I didn’t like the book that I purchased I will still read it until the end then I’ll just sell them online. I un-hauled a lot of books last year because well I needed the shelf space and some of the books that I un-hauled were books that I really didn’t like anymore. It was sad to let go of those books because in some point of my life I really wanted to read them but when I finally started to read them I found out that it wasn’t my cup of tea.

So why do I put off books? Well here are some of my reasons:

  • I get distracted. I’m so easily distracted you guys that’s why I can’t for the life of me finish fantasy books. The only way that I would not get distracted is when I lock myself in my room and turn off my internet.
  • The first few pages are not that interesting. For me, the first few pages of a book are the most important parts because that will set the mood for the entire novel. So if I don’t get hook on the first few pages I’ll be having a hard time finishing it.
  • It’s in third POV. There are times that I can tolerate books with third person point of view but most of the time if it’s in third person it’s either I won’t read it or I’ll be having a hard time reading it.
  • Slow pacing. If by Chapter 10 the book is still not interesting, I’m close to not finishing it.
  • No character connection. If I don’t connect with the characters then I’ll stop reading them.

So these are my personal reasons. It’s not that much but believe me when I feel one of those five in a book; even though I want to finish it I’ll end up putting it off for a certain amount of time. Don’t get me wrong I will still finish these books because like I’ve said I want to finish all the books that I purchased and in some point of my life I really want to read them. Maybe, this is just not the right time that I read them but we’ll get there. Sometimes we just need to miss the book so that we’ll get to appreciate it when we get to read them again.

So from my unfinished book pile, I think the closest thing that I’ll read again is Soundless by Richelle Mead. I got this as a gift last Christmas from Ate Eunice and I read this last January and it worked for me then but it got kind of slow so I putted it off until now. But I’m already halfway through the book so I think I’ll pick this up again this month.

I think it’s okay that we have unfinished books. Either you get back on it or not is your choice. It may not work for you this month but who knows may be in the following months it would be the book that will get you out of a slump.

How about you? Do you also have an unfinished book pile? If you do have comment them down below!

I hope you guys will have a good day and I hope you won’t run out of books to read!

Byeee! xo Cath




  1. Mine would be Before I Fall. I tried reading it for the third time and I just cant get through it unfortunately. The plotline is interesting but the writing is just so slow and eventually boring.


  2. Sadly I know the feeling. There are a few books that I just couldn’t continue reading because they just weren’t my kind of thing. Two of the books I haven’t finished and probably never will are: 1984 by George Orwell & Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.

    I’m going to finish Illuminae after writing this comment and I really like it. Maybe you should try it again? But I can understand that some might think it’s too complicated to read it because of all the different ‘attachments’.


    1. I agree on Illuminae! I do like it and I find Ezra and Kady amusing. I just get distracted with all the ‘attachments’ :)) But, I’ll read it again sometime this month! It just feels heavy also when I’m reading it lol


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