Hi guys! March is almost over! How time goes fast these days! I’ve been through a roller coaster of events this month. I had a lot of bad days this month but I did a lot of reading! I think from 11 books behind from my Goodreads challenge I managed to make it 1 book ahead! I had loads of time as you can see.

The good thing about this break is that I can read for pleasure and for school. I have loads of reading for my thesis and while I still have the time I read also books from my tbr. It’s nice to finally read some books that I have acquired two years ago. One way of saying that I didn’t waste my money for books that I don’t intend to read.

So, right now. What am I reading? 

Last week, I started reading The Hobbit. Since, I have already acquired the boxed set and since I’m trying out genres out of my comfort zone, I picked this up. I don’t really read fantasy because I always tend to get distracted while reading them. So, reading this book and LOVING it is really fulfilling! I love how it is written and I love what’s going on. I get distracted from time to time but I still understand what’s happening in the book. I’m planning to finish this by tomorrow since I’m almost halfway done so I can finish the second book that I’m reading.

And, I’m also side reading The Six of Crows! I was surprised that I liked this book. It only started when I saw a random quote in the web. And it got me curious so I asked one of my good friends if I can read this without reading the Grisha trilogy. She said that I can even though it’s also based on the same world. And, mother of stars, I’m enjoying it! I’m already on Chapter 6 and I don’t want to put it down! But, I want to buy it in hardcover so that I could really enjoy it. I’m just going to finish my to be reads this month and then I’ll come back to reading this one.

I’m really liking the fact that I’m slowly getting in to the Fantasy genre. I always tend to stay away from these kind of books but maybe now I can ready one or two fantasy a month if my schedule will permit me. But for now, I’ll go inside my Hobbit hole and read again!

How are your March TBRs? Are you exploring other genres too?



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