2016 Bookish Resolution

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the start of a brand new year, a brand new shelf..oh I mean, self and tons of brand new books! This year, I’m planning to do some resolution and hopefully I’ll be able to commit to them this year.

So let’s do this! Here are my Bookish Resolution!

  1. Prioritize your shelf. With the amount of books that I’ve acquired this holiday, my old shelf will not be able to handle all the weight anymore. So, first on the list this year is to acquire a brand new shelf that will be able to house all my leather bounds, boxed sets and hard bound books. I’m not worried about my paperbacks because I have designated shelves for them already but it would be really good if I can also put them all together in one shelf.
  2. Don’t buy something you won’t read. This goes to novels that I might just be pressured reading. Just because everyone is reading it doesn’t mean you should to. It is unpractical since you can just buy the book that you want instead of the book that everyone is reading. It is just a waste of shelf space.
  3. Blog on your own phase. This is not just for myself but to all bloggers or aspiring bloggers out there. You don’t need to post every time. Quality over quantity. You write on your own phase, on your own time.
  4. Visit a bookstore at least twice a week. Plan your buying accordingly, you don’t need to buy a book every week. You can buy books at the first week and on the last week so you’ll be able to think if you really want it. This is one way of saving money since you won’t be impulsively buying the book that will lead you to Bookish Resolution #2.
  5.  Finish a reading challenge. Goodreads doesn’t count! If you have the time try some other reading challenge aside from Goodreads. I’ll be doing the Royal Reading Challenge this year and I hope I’ll be able to do it. You are more than welcome to do it also! So if you are looking for reading challenges, try this one!


And that is my 2016 Bookish Resolution! I made it in a way that it will be do-able for me because we don’t want faux resolutions. It’s already 2016, and it’s time to change and be a better version of ourselves.


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