Book Blogging Experience

Book Blogging

It’s been such a great year for me in blogging. I started blogging again in mid June since I want my book reviews to be in one place. I usually review my read books at Instagram and Goodreads but they felt limited to me. I started out in Tumblr but for some reasons I think it was not the best platform for me so I switched to WordPress. And, here I am today!

I could never tell how thankful I am for all those people who took the time to read my reviews and visit my blog. It may be a very small effort for some, but it kept my blog alive. I also want to thank those people who took my word to read book/s that I recommend and eventually  come to love it as well. Whenever I view my stats and see I have a lot of views for days that I don’t even post is such a joy too. I may not be as successful as other book bloggers but I’m loving where I am right now.

I’ve been part of different cover reveals, blog tours, and book reviews and it didn’t stop there. I also get messages from time to time to review books for self-published authors and I felt so honored that they entrust me to review their novels. I may not be able to review them all at once since univ has been very stressful. But, I’m still grateful.

I’ve achieved such a milestone in a short span of time and I’m hoping it wouldn’t stop here. I can proudly say that I’m doing something I love and I wouldn’t mind doing this for God knows how long.

2015 has been a very good year for me. And, I’m hoping for a better 2016!
And again, thank you for reading up until here!


2 thoughts on “Book Blogging Experience

  1. Omg! I feel the same!! 2015 really is a very good year for me, too. Bookstagram & Book Blogging community is very welcoming, it was so much fun joining twitter chats and talking with fellow book lovers as well as with some authors. Kyaaaaaa. 😀😀😀😀

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