Hey guys! Sorry for being AWOL these couple of days since Uni started already so I had a ton of work again. I barely have time to do simple blog posts but I’m trying to manage my time so I can update my blog at least twice a week. So before anything else, Josh and I went to Alabang Town Center last Sunday. It was kind of a ritual for us to go there at least once a month because he knows I love to go to Fullybooked when we were there. Actually, I think we only go to town just to go book shopping at Fully. Haha!

When we finally arrived at Fullybooked. I told him that I was just suppose to buy one book since MIBF is already approaching I really didn’t want to spend anymore money on book shopping. When we went to the third floor he spotted Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes and he remembered that I really wanted that book so he told me that we should get it and we’ll split its cost. But then, we found out that they are on sale! 20% off in all D-Coded books! Luckily, Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes is a D-coded book so of course I was ecstatic! After roaming around, Josh told me that since it was already on sale and he knows I want to buy more books he told me to go crazy and just buy the books that I want since it was already on sale why not, right?

IMG_7764He was very patient with me since I could not decide what I want to get. He carried this little trolley to every floor we visited. lol


He even took photos of me while I was doing my book shopping.
He already knows that it’s for Instagram purposes. Haha!


A sneak peak of the books that I bought. They will all be posted when I do my
monthly wrap up this weekend. Or you could check my Instagram account to
see my book haul.

It didn’t end at Fullybooked though, we also went to Powerbooks because they
were also on sale last Sunday. I also bought two books there!

It was a great Sunday since I got to spend time with Josh and we did book shopping together. And, I’ve always admire him for being so patient with
me especially when I go crazy inside a book store.

I know he’ll be reading this blog post so I just want to thank you love! Thank you for carrying these books for me last Sunday! I know they were a lot. Hihi. I love you! 

So this was my weekend escapade last week! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too! Until then, cheers!


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