BOOK HAUL: 17 AUG 2015

Hey guys! Have you ever promised yourself that you won’t be buying anymore books for the month because you are saving up for next month’s haul and ended up breaking it because you just can’t stop buying? Well, that happened to me right now..I, er, bought books again after swearing that I’ll just by again on MIBF. 

But will it help if I just bought two books? They really didn’t cost much so I think I’m off the hooked, right? Right! So, here are the books that I’ve bought earlier today while I was running errands for my mother.

After reading Mae Coyuito’s The Year We Became Invincible, I promised myself that I’ll be reading more works of our local authors. I have heard about Mina V. Esguerra through friends so when I saw The Harder We Fall at National Book Store earlier today I decided to purchase it.

After visiting NBS, I decided to check Booksale if there are new titles. Since I went early today they were still segregating the boxes so I just decided to check the bargain books shelf. I was trying to look for a copy of The Bronze Horseman but I think finding that book in Booksale is like finding a needle in a haystack. But I still kept searching until I found Vampire, Interrupted. I know, I feel like I’m kinda old for vampire themed books already but the synopsis is really good so I decided to get it. And since it was at the bargain book shelf I got the book for 35php only.

I think this is an acceptable book haul right? I really didn’t spent much so I really don’t feel guilty in breaking my promise to myself. lol

Thank you for reading up until here. Have a great week ahead! Cheers!


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