Hey guys! How is your weekend going? I hope you are having a fabulous time! So earlier today me and my gran went out to search for a Kindle for my uncle. Sadly, we couldn’t find one within our price range. So my mother told us that we shouldn’t buy anymore. It’s also irritating because the staff on that certain store was so unaccommodating and she doesn’t even know the prices of the other gadgets. Talk about bad customer service maybe that’s why no one frequented that shop.

Anyways, it was still early so my gran and I decided to roam around MOA before we head home. Of course, our MOA dates wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t visit Booksale, Fullybooked, National Book Store and Pet Express. 

I really didn’t find anything that caught my eye at Booksale so we decided to skip it and just go to Fullybooked. Before, heading there I learned that my friend Ate Jayne was at MOA too with her sister! So, of course we couldn’t pass out this moment to meet. I told her that I will just head to Fullybooked then I’ll meet her.

Ate Jen is one of my co-admins at BookishPinoys and we have this viber group which we converse everyday. I’ve happened to remember that she was looking for Abbey Sy’s The ABC of Hand-lettering.  So, I decided to surprise her with just a few gifts! And here they are!

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 7.34.55 PMI started to collect Penguin’s Little Black Classic last June and I persuaded some of my friends including Ate Jen to collect them too! It was such a bargain for 70php each and it will also look good on our shelves when we finally complete all 80 of them! I was supposed to give her books 1-3 but unfortunately number 1 is missing so I just gave her numbers 3,4,5.

After buying our books, I headed to KFC to meet her and her sister. We only had a brief “hi,hello,bye” moment because gran was already hungry. But at least we  managed to take a photo. We will be meeting again on MIBF along with the other admins of BookishPinoys and we are so excited already!

IMG_7434(Ate Jen and Me. I’m sorry Ate for my fun-sized height! Haha!)

After meeting her, gran and I ate our lunch at Sbarro because we were craving Italian food. So, we ate first before visiting National Book Store. After our tummy was both satisfied we head to NBS. Gran found a book that caught her attention and I also found Sarah Kay’s B. I have been forever eyeing it at Book depository so when I saw it on NBS I just could not leave without it. It was quite expensive but I was planning to give it as a Christmas gift for my mother since it describes our relationship very well. So, it’s still a win-win situation. I also bought a book light for me because I have such bad eyes already and my most comfortable reading time is at night.

(B by Sarah Kay – 499php, The Tinder Box by Hans Christian Andersen – 70php, I Hate and I love by Catullus – 70php and Femme Fatale by Guy de Maupassant – 70php)

After our book store escapades we went to my favorite place at MOA, Pet Express. I’m so fond of dog materials and I always make time to visit this store because I always spoil my dogs. Today, we just bought a dog collar, two shirts and a squeaky toy for my shih tzus.

IMG_7428(This is Coby. And that’s one of the shirts that we bought for him. He’s already 5 months old but he still looks like a gremlin.)

And that’s how I spent my Saturday! It was quite tiring but it was good bonding time for me and my gran. I hope you guys have a fun weekend! Until then, cheers!


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