BOOK REVIEW: Even When You Lie To Me by Jessica Alcott

18740851ISBN13: 9780385391160
Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: June 9, 2015
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 352 pages


Charlie, a senior, isn’t looking forward to her last year of high school. Another year of living in the shadow of her best friend, Lila. Another year of hiding behind the covers of her favorite novels. Another year of navigating her tense relationship with her perfectionist mom.

But everything changes when she meets her new English teacher. Mr. Drummond is smart. Irreverent. Funny. Hot. Everyone loves him. And Charlie thinks he’s the only one who gets her.

She also thinks she might not be the only one with a crush.

In this stunning debut, Jessica Alcott explores relationships-and their boundaries-in a way that is both searingly honest and sympathetic.


“I like you too, Charlie,” he said. “Even when you lie to me.”

I finished this novel last night and I’m honestly in lost of words so I couldn’t come up with a review for it. So, I decided to just sleep it off first because I was lost after reading the ending. Even When You Lie To Me is not your typical student-teacher relationship that we usually read which was kind of disappointing and at the same time a relief. While I was reading the novel I was waiting for that sweet moments but to my disappointment it never came; until I was reading the last few chapters.

I like how the book didn’t really focused about the romantic involvement of Mr. Drummond and Charlie. There were a lot of elements inside the book and I’m glad I didn’t end up reading a story on how their relationship grew and grew. I liked Lila, even though she was your typical popular girl best friend. She might be a little bit too much but in the end I could really see that she loves Charlie a lot. I also liked Asha and Dev since they somehow erase Charlie’s insecurities and they also make her happy.

The story build up was a little slow for me because I was really looking forward on some swoon-worthy scenes. But, Mr. Drummond always held back because he knows he is not good enough for Charlie. I liked their relationship though since they both love books and they both tease each other. I like how obnoxious he is because he tends to be funny like that.

Overall the book is really not what I expected. It was really far from that student-teacher relationship books that I got used too and I liked it because it was real. The ending for me is what’s supposed to happened when you find yourself in that kind of situation and I liked how the author made me realize that.

I really wish I could explain here what I feel about the ending! But to give you just a little sneak peek: (If you don’t want to see this. Close this tab now.)

“Let’s pretend,” I said finally. “Let’s pretend we got married. In a castle in Germany.”
He look startled for a second, and then the corners of his mouth turned down and his eyes became glassy. “You’re sure you…you want to…”
I nodded. He knew how this worked, and what to say, and how I wanted him to lie. He’d taught me.

I rated this 3.75-4 stars on Goodreads.
If you have read until here, thank you very much!
Until then, cheers!


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