Polymer Clay Creations: Sorting Hat

the_sorting_hat__by_rose_ann_mary_k-d3108ymHey guys! Here’s another polymer creation from yours truly! I’m sure everyone of us is familiar with the sorting hat. So, I decided to make one! This is just a trial run and I’ll be painting it later along with the other figures that I’ve made. 

I just took two photos while I was doing the figure but I’ll be making a step by step tutorial soon for this. It might look kind of hard and complicated but it was really not. I’ve made this for about 15-20 minutes including baking time so if I could do it you guys could also do it!

So here are the photos!

c5dd8795d72c62c5a0762f36d12f37a59101c7beec00e2901e95af92f7ca1fc1This was the top part of the hat. The only thing that was hard in doing this is the sculpting and blending of the face. But it kinda turned out pretty nice after putting on details and the brim part of the hat.

This is the finish product! As you can see it looks better now than the upper photo and I’ll just be painting it later. If you’re going to ask why I used white clay for this; it’s because I ran out of brown clay so I just resort to this color.

Thank you for reading up to here!
I’ll be posting tutorials soon! Until then, cheers!


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