Hello there everyone! Have you ever wanted to read something new? something steamy? something swoon-worthy? If you have read YA and Contemporary for quite sometime now and wanted something more on the lovey-dovey side of things then I think the next genre for you is New Adult.

So what is the New Adult genre?

It is a genre with protagonists in the age bracket of 18-30 years old. It is a work of fiction same as YA that can be published and market as adult-a sort of  an ‘older Ya’. So to simplify it, it’s just YA with sexy scenes.

Since NA has more scenes that may not be suitable for minors, teenagers today still reads them. I knew people who are 13 years old that have already read 50 shades of grey and that’s even more visual than the usual NA books. Of course, teens of today we’ll say that it’s just a book, it can’t do harm. You just read them, absorb them and put them down after. But, of course sometimes, curiosity kills the cat. Some of them try what they read on books and that of course becomes a big problem.

We don’t control what the teens read all we can do is maybe suggest things more appropriate for their age. In our book group on Instagram; we also implement an age bracket on who can join the group. We start on the ages 16 and up because sometimes we read a genre not suitable for the younger ones.

So here are my tips for the young ones or the ones who wants to dive in to the new adult genre:

  • Don’t expect sexy scenes so early in the book. NA does not revolves around sex. The stories you’ll be reading in this genre is just more elaborate than YA since it deals with an older protagonist.
  • NA focuses on life after an individual has become of legal age, and how one deals with the new beginnings of adulthood. The problems of the character here are much more complex from what you usually read. But don’t think that what the character experiences on its life may happen to you too. It’s still a work of fiction and you are still in control on where you want to be.
  • Take it easy. Read one book at a time. If the scenes make you uncomfortable then don’t read it. It may not be your cup of tea and that’s alright.
  • Know what you are reading. It’s easy to search for the synopsis and reviews on Goodreads. Just to have an idea on what the book might contain.
  • Have fun in reading with this new genre and of course read it with caution.

So these are just my tips. It’s not much but maybe you can use these to help you start out with your new reads. As for authors that you can pick up in the genre, here are some that I picked for you guys!

Slammed – Colleen Hoover
Fallen too Far – Abbi Glines
The Edge of Never – JA Redmerski
Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire
Losing it – Cora Carmack 

Happy Reading!


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