Have you ever had the urge to read something so bad but you can’t because there is just so many things to do. Or have you ever had so much to do but you just sat there on your little nook to read?

When things get rough in our daily lives we sometimes want to just get lost and forget about everything for a while. Pick up a book, dive in to a new world and worry about the consequences after. Have you guys experience this? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Now we already know what’s right or wrong, right? We just differ on what we believe in. So how can reading be wrong when it helps us escape our problems for a while. Most of us read because we are so stressed out in our daily lives; Some of us study, work, do family activities and the such that’s why we need a little bit of stress reliever.

So when does reading become a problem? I think reading becomes a problem when you put it first before anything else. All of us have mountains and mountains of to do list, right? Some of us need to study for their exams, some of us need to work for a living etc. When you put something on hold just because you need to finish that book you started last night, well then that becomes wrong. Reading is supposed to help you unwind not to become your number 1 priority. You can still read everyday just finish your work load first.

So how to balance work and reading? I just have 3 tips to share with you. It works for me and maybe it can work for you too!

  • First things first, you need to get started early on your to do list. I wake up early so that I could finish my work early. Since I’m still in Uni my work load never seems to get done. It just keeps piling and piling up! So studies/work should be your first priority. I know that book looks gorgeous but trust me that book won’t help you graduate college. lol
  • Second, spend time with your family and friends. A good book is a  good companion but it’s not as good as the real people in your life. You could read later.
  • Last but not the least, prepare everything for tomorrow. You have assignments or exams? Go do it first. Nothing is more stressful than cramming your school works and other things. Do that first before diving in to your book.

These tips are the things that I do everyday. Before, I used to read all day; I don’t even talk to my family members when I’m busy reading and I felt disconnected with the people in my life. So before it gets out of hand I changed my habits. And surprisingly I felt more alive than before. Giving time for everything in your life is like living your life into the fullest. There won’t be any dull moment and you’ll be surprised on how relaxed you will be.

I hope these tips will help you too! Or maybe you could make your own tips that you could also share with me. Always remember, don’t be disconnected with the people around you. I know the characters are great in the book but nothing will beat the company of your friends.

Happy Monday Everyone!


5 thoughts on “TIPS AND THOUGHTS #1

  1. I agree with you Cath. At the end of the day, it will all fall back on how we prioritise things. Whether we choose to procastinate the most important things than recreational reading, the consequences will be upon us. And ther’s no denying about that.

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