Hi guys! I’ve been busy for these past few days and I haven’t had the chance to blog anything or even read anything. I tried finishing Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas but I could not get through with it without imagining scenes from All the truth that is in me by Julie Berry. I kept on comparing the two books even though they have different plot lines. I guess that’s one of my problems; when I’ve already read a book about a certain problem and I already loved it, it’s hard to read something similar to that.

Anyways, I still need to finish the book since it’s on my to be read list after that I’ll be reading Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. Some bookstagrammers have already reviewed it and all of them loved the story so I’m pretty excited on what’s bound to happen with me and Saint Anything.

So, as I’ve said in this blog’s title, I’ll be presenting my July Baby Book haul! These are still incomplete because I still need to pick up some books at Madam’s office. I’ll be posting that maybe next week when I visit her. 🙂

And now, I give you the 6 books that I’ve bought from the past two weeks.

(From Top to Bottom: Infinity by Sarah Dessen, Cheese Galore by Alan Snow, Paris for One by Jojo Moyes, How To Kill a Rock Star by Tiffany Debartolo, Gemini by Carol Cassella and Here be Monsters by Alan Snow)

I bought Infinity from an online seller for a low price of P150, I was supposed to buy it on Bookdepository good thing I saw someone selling it in half the price! A good buy for me. Cheese Galore and Here be Monsters were an instant buy for me because last December I’ve watched The Box trolls movie and it was an adaptation of Alan Snow’s Here be Monsters, I loved the movie because it was so cute and of course being a children’s movie there are morals also that you can ponder in. So when I first saw Cheese Galore for P75 at our local book store I just need to have it! And then, I was trying to find Here be Monsters for so long and when someone on Facebook posted that she was selling it for P150. I thanked the Book Gods for showering me blessings! lol I immediately took dibs on it and the rest is history!

I bought Paris for One, How To Kill A Rockstar and Gemini from k8sOnline. An online book shop where you can buy books that are not available in the Philippines, some of them are quite pricey considering they were still ordered outside the PH. Since she offered big discounts a few weeks ago I had the chance to buy the 3 books. I got Paris for One for just P100, How To Kill A Rockstar for P150 and it’s already a second hand book but it was fine by me because a new one costs for P550 and lastly Gemini for 450php.

I have two more incoming this week. I bought Slammed by Colleen Hoover and The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling also in bargain prices.

I’m pretty impressed on my book buying nowadays I don’t really go over the top anymore since I’m saving my money for more important things. But on September, I promised myself I’m going to get crazy again since it’s the start of the Manila International Book Fair! I didn’t had the chance to go last year so this year I’ll be hoarding big time!

And on the side note, The #BPOneYearGiveaway will be ending soon! I’ll be hosting my last giveaway for this year on August 1, 2015. So check the blog posts from time to time. *wink*



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