Harley Quinn The New 52


Aside from my usual set of paperbacks, I also have a love for graphic novels. Especially if they are all about Harley Quinn.

So when I saw the first volume of Harley’s New 52 at Fullybooked BGC last year I just knew I had to get it right there and then. There was still no paperbacks of the first volume then so I got it in hardbound. But I assure you, it was worth it for 1,050php (get it for just 945php if you have a Fullybooked discount card).


What I like in this graphic novel is that there are different drawing styles. Since a lot of authors contributed in making this novel I think it was a very cool thing to do that they all have individual pages to showcase their drawing skills.


I also love the full blown colors in the illustrations. It doesn’t hurt the eyes.

IMG_6485And of course, my favorite part of the novel is the full page illustration of Harley doing different things.

If I’m having a reading slump I turn in to graphic novels to get up my reading once again since it’s very easy to finish and of course the plot is also awesome.

If you also want to purchase these graphic novels, you can buy them at:

Fullybooked and Bookdepository.

Have a great start of the week guys!
Also it’s a start of a rainy week here in the Philippines so stay dry guys!



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