Infinity by Sarah Dessen

Since I’ll be reading Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen I decided to read one of her works to see how her writing style is. I was checking Goodreads and I found her short story, Infinity. If you want to read it also, here is the synopsis.


Ever felt as if your life is just going round in circles? Sarah Dessen’s thought-provoking short story about moving on will resonate with teens everywhere.

ISBN: 9780141330778

Publication Date: May 6, 2010

Since I have this in e-book format I thought it was a bit long turns out it was almost 25 pages only and the other pages were excerpts of Just Listen and That Summer.

So Infinity is about an unnamed girl who has two problems in her mind. First is about her driving through the major roundabout in her town that her mother is afraid off and causing her to make shortcuts all around town. And second, the peer pressure of having sex with her boyfriend for six months, Anthony.

Just reading about the story I already felt a connection towards the narrator and it kinda feels like that I was the one telling the story. Connecting to her, even though I don’t know how to drive (..and I don’t plan to learn yet), I’m also afraid when we are approaching a roundabout. My mom is an aggressive driver so sometimes I just hold on to my seatbelt when we are approaching the highway let alone the roundabouts.

Diving into Sarah Dessen’s work, I now know why some of my friends love her writings. Aside from her books focusing in to family relationships, it really captures how a teenager thinks and reacts to different situations. From responsibilities and peer-pressures about sex, I like how she makes her character to get pass that.

Upon finishing the book, it was indeed short but I think the whole story were connected. Making decisions, breaking from the status quo and taking chances were shown in to that 25 pages.

My favorite part in the book is when she really decided that she was not ready to do it with Anthony and this is an excerpt of that part:

‘I love you,’ he whispered in my ear. ‘I want you.’ But it wasn’t enough, this time. Maybe later it would have been, but as I pushed him away, I knew that time would never come. Winning might not have been everything, but Anthony was tired of losing at this game. If he couldn’t have me, he’d find an easier prize.

I think that is a very important part to know for those teenagers who is being pressured in to having sex. If it doesn’t feel right for you or if it makes you feel uncomfortable or if you just simply don’t want to, tell your partners. If they still pressure you to do it, drop the dude. Love and relationship doesn’t revolve around sex. You have a choice. And if he doesn’t respect that, drop him.

Cheers! X


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